A very friendly and entertaining atmosphere

More than 30,000 spectators, 2 days, 130 km of stages. It's all yours!


A lot of lakes, forests and hills

More than 300 lakes within a hour of driving distance. Must see!


Feel the speed

Fastest rally crews from more than 8 countries. Come and experience it!


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300 Lakes Rally

We invite you to take advantage of attractive marketing opportunities for product delivery and offer an integrated marketing campaign in the largest auto sports event in Lithuania - 300 Lakes Rally. You must include it in your marketing plan!

Rally safety & tracking system

We offer you a solution that provides complete control over reconnaissance without the use of controlling recce marshals. You will get all the information about crews' speeds, driving in opposite direction at SS, recce counts for every SS and compliance with recce schedules.
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Looking for ideas for a team building event? We invite you to try tourism and entertainment formats mixed in one event, adjusted to the needs of your company. Our event will strengthen and unite the team.

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Given a three-country championship status

300 Lakes Rally 2013 is proud to take the responsibility of organizing a three-country championships in one rally format.

The Lithuanian Rally Championship Round V, Latvian Rally Championship Round VI and Belarusian Rally Championship Round III will take place on August 9th & 10th.

"The most successful tourism project of the year“

State Department of Tourism under the Ministry of Economics declared 300 Lakes Rally 2011, the most successful sport tourism event of 2011 year, in the competition "The most successful tourism project of the year".

Initiative of the year – 300 Lakes Rally 2010

In Sport Management Awards, held on 24.11.10, for the initiative of the year, 300 Lakes Rally organizers and Zarasai District Municipality were awarded a special prize. "300 Lakes Rally" project was also nominated for a Sports Marketing Campaign of the Year category.

Looking for new and innovative ideasFOR MARKETING?

An excellent opportunity to join the promo pack and become our partners in one of the biggest summer events - 300 Lakes Rally.

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Attractive idea

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Exploring the options, analysis and creation of customized offers for you.

Project start-up

Start of a successful marketing project, generating high value added results and excellent accessibility.